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Why Are You Failing Your Classes at School?

What happens if you fail all your classes in college? Is there a way to overcome the possibility of failure? We shall be looking at such questions and more in this article to help you out. 

You must be a hardworking person, and you are not failing high school classes; without a doubt, your grades will take you to college. The problem is., you might wake up, and things turn around all your good grades shrinks to diversity. Questioning yourself on what you did or did not do might not help. As a matter of fact, college is quite hard, which will lead to many changes, including your academics. Let's look at factors that cause failing college classes and ways to turn around those situations.

1. You don't wisely manage your study time

You cannot stay on track because your schedule is not correct, or maybe you don't know how to manage your time. Too many extracurricular activities may be the reason you don't have time to study. With drama sports, part time job managing that will be challenging.  The solution to this is to have a daily planner. You can note it down on a journal, or digital planners could work if you forget.

2. You fail investing enough and proper time for studying

This common mistake among many college students. College, unlike high school, where failing classes in high school was next to impossible, you have to prepare yourself a few weeks before exams. High school was studying the night before. In college, you need to revise your notes, books, textbooks, and journals. This sounds a little obvious, but most undergraduates (which is what will happen if you fail all your college classes) end up asking, "Why am I failing all my college classes?" study for your exams in the right period.

3. Lack of conducive environment to study

Most college students don't have a conducive environment to study. Your home mates may not be as silent as it is supposed to be when it's time to research, and you can't take them to. This can be avoided by doing most of your study in libraries and accessible lecture halls.

4. Procrastination

Procrastination is said to be a thief of time. You procrastinate an essay to see a show or go to a party. This becomes a tendency, and soon, you will completely forget you had an essay to write. Choosing fun before a career is not advisable. Well, you can't forget about the fun in college and university; just put your career first.

5. Getting distracted

When you finally get into doing the work, then you are not able to concentrate. You keep checking your phone for tweets and new information that may have come up so that you don’t miss out. For this case, download apps like focus writer and self-control to manage addictions and distractions.

6. Skipping classes

Be in class whether the tutor enforces the rule or not. Skipping classes result in poor performance and grades. In class, you get firsthand information for your questions, and second, you take notes for better revision as a primary source.

7. You are not pushing hard enough

In case all the above steps are not helping you better your grades push yourself a little more. Ask your classmates and tutor to help you. Schedule appointments with the tutor to address your problems and academic issues. Join group discussions; you don't have to suffer the college life alone.


Having followed the above steps, you are sure that your grades will always be to the required point. Make your parent and guardian happy, make a brighter future. Work hard for it now, and life will be easier in the future.