How to Get Motivated to do Homework

How to Get Motivated to do Homework

It is no mystery that students globally are not excited when faced with homework. Most students usually postpone or find a means to skim through their homework. The truth remains that homework is essential for good grades. Therefore, you are stuck with it.

Since it is unavoidable, you would have to brace yourself for it. You can brace yourself with some great motivation. These are some tips to help you get motivated.

11 Tips to Help You Get Motivated

Here are some practical tips to help you focus on your textbooks and get your homework done;

Learning Style

You have to understand what learning style suits you best. You need to know your learning style, that is, the mode and channel of learning that works best for you. Once you understand your learning style, you can use it as a tool to motivate yourself into learning.

The Pomodoro Technique

This technique is used for focusing as it is a psychological and self-training tool. This technique involves cutting the time for homework shorter, for instance, 25 minutes with a span of 5 minutes break in between. When you work for a longer time, you would need to take a longer break too.

Use Positive statements to encourage yourself

You would need to encourage yourself as you carry out your task to keep you motivated. You could make statements like “I can do it,” “This task is achievable and within my abilities.” You can consistently encourage yourself and see how much you grow in it.

Make use of your efficient time

Everyone has a time they work better. So, you should find out your most efficient time and work within that period to be productive and agile. It is also best you fix your most tasking work within that period.

Get yourself an inspiring prize

If you are someone who loves challenges, this tip is good for you. You could place a bet with some friends for the time of completion or highest grade. Although this is unconventional, it works for a lot of people.

Make use of the computer

You should make use of a computer to tabulate all your ideas to reduce the amount of time you will spend typing. You can make use of organizers, apps, and management tools. You should use anything that makes your work faster.

Good Company

Conventionally, doing homework with friends is not the best idea. But, it could also be the motivation you need to push through though you must work with persistent and encouraging friends.

Work Station

You should have a work station or place that gives you the work vibes. This space should be ideal for learning so that you can be focused on it. Ensure your chair and table are comfortable, away from noise and distraction, and lastly, make it yours. You could do this by placing your favorite picture somewhere.

Develop a Routine

Once you have the habit of doing something regularly, it becomes part of you. Ensure that you make homework or study time a routine. It would become much easier to work that way.

Ask for help

You could involve your parents to help keep you in control. Allow them to check-in and remind you of all your tasks.

Take Responsibility for your grades

You must always remember that your failures are yours as much as your success, not anyone’s. So you will realize that you hold your future in your hands.


With the tips shared here, you would be able to get your homework done. You could get your task done online when in a tight schedule. You can always find help.