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Six Books Every High School Student Should Read Before College

High school students do not always find it fun when it comes to reading books. Many activities take student's time. Also, the school may provide a reading list that students find boring to read but instead focus on other activities.

Also, you will be missing something meaningful if you find yourself reading surviving high school books provided by your school. Reading several books will enhance your knowledge, improve your language use and emotional intelligence. The following are some of the meaningful books that every high school student should read before college. It will help to improve their knowledge.

  1. Alice Sebold: The Lovely Bones

The book is one of the non fiction books for high school. It focuses on a teenage girl who was raped and murdered. It is a family story that focuses on a young girl who got murdered and went to heaven. She observed how their loving family struggles to accept and come to terms with her loss. The story enlightens a lot on how families should support one another through coming together as one. Also, it touches on the themes of love, individual strength, and acceptance.

  1. Andy Weir: The Martian

The book is the best novel that is useful to those who have challenges when reading. It is one of the books every high school student should read before college. It focuses on a story of an astronaut who was left to die by his colleagues. The astronaut was stranded on Mars and was left behind because of dust from the storm. Therefore, the astronaut will have to use the engineering skills, strength, and resources acquired to survive. His novel is good because it teaches us to have perseverance, strength to survive on earth.

  1. Malala Yousafzai: I Am Malala

The novel focuses on a young Pakistani woman. The woman was an activist who actively championed the rights to education and even the stretch a family will pursue on their beloved child. Malala got an award; Noble peace prize. She used her memoir to enlighten society at large. Unfortunately, she was shot dead by Taliban forces.

  1. Stephen Chbosky: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The novel is one of the non-fiction books for high school. It focuses on a young man called Charlie who was not good at making friends. But through the constant process of letter writing to the unnamed recipient, he comes out of it and tries to come to terms with past events. This book gives a warning on issues that are characterized by our society right now. Those issues include mental illness and sexual abuse. So, if you read this book, you will equip yourself with skills that will help you deal with sexual abuse and mental illness.

  1. Lisa Wingate: When We Were Yours

The novel is historical fiction. High school students should know what happened in the past. This book focuses on the adoption scandal that occurred in the mid-twentieth century. It talks about a director who kidnapped children from the poor when he was processing the adoption. He extorted money from the rich who were supposed to adopt the children. The book also unravels how the scandal still affects the present-day generation.

  1. Angie Thomas: The Hate U Give

The book is one of these great non fiction books for high school students. This novel is resourceful material. It equips you with knowledge on how to seek justice despite the challenges that we face. The book focuses on a black student who witnesses a police officer shooting his best friend. This private black student was in a dilemma on whether to report the incident or not. This novel is a resource for students because it will equip them with the courage to call and condemn evil in our society; police brutality and racisms.


The article above has highlighted and discussed various books every high school student should read before college. The books enable the students to acquire knowledge on vocabulary use, general language use. They will also get skills on how to deal with daily challenges that are in our society.