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UK English schools - Author: John Campbell

London's popularity with overseas students is well-known - young people come from all over Europe and the rest of the world to study the English language and culture in its very birthplace; and what better place to learn English than the capital of the United Kingdom?


Although London's vehemently multicultural society is common knowledge these days - with over 1,500 immigrants per day, the UK as a whole is a centre for immigration; and London is said to house over 300 different languages, all of which are regularly spoken within city limits. UK English schools thrive on the constant turnaround generated by overseas students and immigration. As clearly the most cosmopolitan city in Europe (with its internationalism only truly comparable with New York), London stands out not so much as a quintessentially English-speaking city, but certainly the city from which tens of thousands of people each year are given their first taste of the British tongue. Unlike New York, however, London's multicultural communities are spread throughout the entire city, with relatively few areas specific to any racial subgroup. However multicultural London may be, however, an English school in London is a hugely superior alternative to overseas students learning English in their native country, as the best way to learn a second language is to immerse yourself within it, to the point where you are forced to converse in order to survive. In London, English lessons take place on the streets as well as in the classroom.

As the world's universal language, and with over a billion speakers worldwide, English is so often the best option as a secondary language for non-native speakers, giving them access to world business, media and culture without the need for constant translation. English courses in London (and the rest of the UK) come in a variety of flavours to suit all needs, from general English courses, to academic English for foreign students hoping to attend a UK university, as well as business and executive courses for those needing to sharpen up their skills for their occupation.
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